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At MD-Ware, we put a high emphasis on both quality and trust. Without either of these characteristics, no business or corporation would be able to successfully operate. We only have one product, our appointment scheduling and POS equipment and software system, which includes the medical practice, salon, and medi-spa management modules. But we believe this serves as a testament to the sublime quality of it. We picked one thing to be truly successful at, and it's our MD-Ware, which includes our medical and salon software system. We've picked it because we know that good quality equipment is a must for proper appointment scheduling, POS processing, and practice management in any professional's office, medi-spa, or clinic.


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Point of Sale for Medical Clinics

Some medical professionals that want to run their own practice overlook the importance of office management equipment and a POS system and appointment scheduling software. MDware is designed specifically for salons and clinics to help any medi-spa run as smoothly as possible.

Manage a Profitable Healthcare Office

It can be difficult to manage a successful healthcare business on your own. MD Ware’s doctor's office and clinic management software can help.

Intuitive Appointment Scheduling & POS System

World class medical practice & medi-spa appointment scheduling equipment and POS software

In our "About Us" section, you'll find the following statement: "MD-Ware strives to establish solid client relationships with hospitality operations worldwide." This is our mission when developing such high quality medical, salon, and medi-spa management equipment and POS software system. We see this technology as more than just another way to handle appointment scheduling and practice management; we look at it as an uncomplicated way to simplify and enlighten the way hospital protocols are conducted. With this medical programming, hospitals are able to complete their scheduling in a conflict-free and simplified format. Salons and medi-spas too, are able to successfully book appointments and track activity with our up to date and fully functioning software. We know our product will work without any complications or major errors because the time and energy that has gone into perfecting it is nearly immeasurable. Our equipment is ideally suited to any professional need-whether you're running a doctor's office in need of a practice management or POS system, or a medi-spa or salon that wants a better appointment scheduling function.




All the necessary equipment for any medical professional

In addition to the carefully developed practice management system and salon appointment scheduling and POS modules of MD-Ware's medical and Medi-spa software, our equipment features the ability to harbor unlimited users, the abilities to send out SMS messaging reminders, conduct both credit and debit card transactions, and the ability to see the appointments scheduled for rooms and staff simultaneously. This kind of advanced mangement system will no doubt be of great piece of equipment any professional's office or practice, as it has every feature imaginable for running a successful and stress-free workplace. The salon and medi-spa modules will add to the tranquil and overall soothing environment of your business through features like our appointment scheduling module. Just as our medical POS software will make the day-to-day functions of any doctor's office easier to organize through practice management, our salon equipment system will aid in the running of health and beauty businesses.




Make Your Clinic More Successful

The current healthcare climate tends to make even small medical practices feel more and more like a business. The right medi-spa management equipment and POS system and salon appointment scheduling software can help you focus more on helping people and less on the financial bottom line.

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