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We pride ourselves on having the best and most accessible tech support in the industry.

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We have a variety of tutorial videos to help you learn our program.

The tutorials have been split into to playlists: Tutorials for general topics and Quick Tips for more thorough, specific concepts.

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We will answer the most commonly asked questions you have.
These are compiled from the salespeople or the contact us feedback we receive from the website.
MDware Technical Support is available during office hours. We are confident that you will have no problems using our software. You can also email our support at any time and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

5 licenses are included with any purchase of one of the MDware editions. This allows the use of 5 different computers simultaneously at any given time, but it does not limit to only 5 installations – we can install the program on as many computers as you like. If you have more than 5 computers that need to access the program simultaneously, you will be required to pay a ONE TIME additional licensing fee for additional licenses. The price of each additional workstation license depends on the edition of software you purchased.

Customers that have multiple locations are required to purchase a license of MDware per location. Please contact the sales department at 1-800-798-6199 for a detailed assessment of costs involved for your locations.

That means that you – and you alone – determine who has access to the program’s confidential data. You can just activate certain passwords to work only in certain areas of the program.

Written using Microsoft .NET technologies and utilize a SQL Server 2014 database.
The software has a built in backup utility. We recommend backing up to a “flash drive” or other device and taking offsite on a regular basis. Call our tech department anytime and they will be happy to ensure loss of your critical data is never an issue.